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What makes the Brick Group Different

Getting to Know You 

Who are you? What are you looking for, and why are you moving? What does your average day look like? What are your lifestyle and financial goals? These are just a few questions we ask to get to know you, allowing us the chance to make your goals a reality.

We slow things down, learn more about you, and go the extra mile by showing you around our unique communities by driving and walking around the neighborhoods and taking the time to enjoy a snack/drink in a neighborhood establishment or park. We want to help introduce you to the areas that best meet your needs while spending time in these areas to get a better experience. 


Our strategy is to focus on the area you're moving to first, followed by the community, and finally, finding your dream home. We believe this produces happy families that love their neighborhoods and their homes. 

We believe in specializing, and we know we can't be the perfect fit for everyone. Our team has years of experience. We've experienced a wide range of issues and market conditions that affect buying and selling interest rates, market surpluses, appraiser strikes -- and we're on top of it.

A more personal approach involves your goals. Finding a home that fits your lifestyle plays a massive part in that. It is also likely to be one of your most significant investments. How do we maximize that? What financing packages make the most sense? How can we best construct the offer to meet your goals?

Years of Experience

Alicia Rodman, the owner/broker, has been in the Treasure Valley Real Estate industry for 25+ years, much of that time specializing in new construction. 

This can work for you in numerous ways. The first being, the volume of sales we have participated in, meaning, we have come across many scenarios, market conditions, and obstacles and therefore have the experience and knowledge as to how to best navigate those. More importantly, we have built relationships with many agents, brokerages, builders, and developers over the years.

We put these relationships to use for our clients, from setting realistic expectations to problem-solving. Through a smooth process and successful closing, these relationships play into every home sale, and even after. 

We think of it as concierge-level services, and our clients agree. 

New Beginnings 

The end of a successful sale brings a type of closure for you...and a beginning for us...we stick around and find that for years after, we are willing and eager to help with all of your needs. 

We get questions ranging from "We just moved in, and our child needs to be seen by a doctor right away, where should we go" to "Who is the best florist in my area." And many requests for home improvement/maintenance referrals, again making those relationships critical, for getting to know your neighborhood and accessing quality work, availability, and best pricing, while eliminating the guesswork. We've spent years cultivating these relationships and are happy to share! Our years of experience are always at work for you.



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